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We created Flat Reviews to provide free and useful information about apartments and villas in Dubai.

It doesn’t matter if you are just looking to move here or if you are living in the city for many years. Deciding where you are going to live can be really difficult as Dubai is constantly growing and changing, and it is impossible to know all the details of all communities and towers. So you need all the information you can get, or else you will be spending way too much time and energy on visiting all kinds of areas and towers, many of which won’t fit your requirements.

On Flat Reviews Dubai you can check out what actual residents think of their homes and communities. These honest and first-hand information can help you to eliminate unnecessary viewings and to focus your search on areas and buildings that really suit you. Because no advertisement can be as detailed and accurate as someone actually living in the flat.

So feel free to dig through our website and get as much information as you can, to save yourself some time, energy and possible headaches. :)



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